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    Explore Lonica™ by B&M: A botanical breakthrough with advanced ingredients like chlorogenic acid and vitamins C & E. Transform your skin into a radiant, youthful state. Experience B&M's commitment to skincare excellence in a convenient, on-the-go format. Perfect for enhancing your beauty routine.
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    A’perduX, a proprietary natural haircare ingredient infused with indigenous plants, extracted using patented technology, is most effective in transforming the hair and scalp into a younger, healthier environment.
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    Calmroselle™ by combining cutting-edge research and roselle seeds into a multifunctional ingredient. This ingredient includes functions like anti-inflammation to calm the skin; Antioxidation to renew the skin while offering UV protection from external aggressors, making your skin rejuvenated and transformed.

  • Asia's Leading Plant Science Laboratory

    B&M is dedicated to uncovering the potent active ingredients sourced from nature in the most eco-conscious manner. Driven by the rising demand for natural products, we are commited to meet this demand. Harnessing our unrivaled patents and groundbreaking technology, we forge ahead with unwavering determination, ensuring that sustainable and innovative solutions are at the forefront of our endeavors.

    B&M in the Spotlight

    TVBS News | Cosmetic Ingredient Company Creates Circular Economy! Helping Small Farmers Turn Agricultural Waste into “Green Gold”

    Green Gold Revolution: Transforming Waste into Beauty with B&M!"


    Discover how B&M, a pioneering beauty and cosmetics raw material factory in Meinong, Kaohsiung, is transforming the face of sustainability. Leveraging the untapped potential of Taiwan's native plants and agricultural waste, B&M collaborates with local farmers to turn 'green gold' into eco-friendly beauty solutions. Witness our journey towards creating a circular economy and empowering communities, as featured on TVBS.

    Unveil the Essence of Nature with Calmroselle™: Discover Roselle Seed Soothing Radiance Facial Mist

    Radiance at a Mist: Nature's Touch, Scientifically Crafted.


    Explore the science and luxury behind Le Mirecy's Roselle Seed Soothing Radiance Facial Mist. See how Calmroselle™, our breakthrough botanical extract, transforms your daily skincare routine into an act of pure rejuvenation.

    OSN TV Spotlights B&M's Innovative Product Launch in Thailand

    Unveiling Beauty: B&M's Thailand Launch Featured


    Special thanks to OSN TV for featuring B&M International Biotech's product launch in Thailand. We are thrilled to share our skincare innovation journey with you!

    TNN TV Highlights B&M's Dynamic Launch in Thailand"

    Spotlight Success: B&M Launch in Thailand


    We are immensely grateful to TNN TV for showcasing B&M International Biotech's product launch in Thailand. A heartfelt thank you for your support in sharing our journey of advancing skincare innovation. Your coverage plays a crucial role in bringing our innovative botanical products to a broader audience.

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